Our selection of guides and news about business credit scores.

5 reasons to maintain a good business credit score

We share 5 key reasons to work towards or maintain a good company credit score. We also share some simple ways to achieve this. Credit Scores help you: 1) Access finance & insurance Many businesses need access to finance to start, run or grow. As a new business or start-up having a credit score is impractical, as there is no track record to base a score on. However, to maintain healthy cash flow or grow once established, short and long-term forms of finance are key to sustaining a healthy going concern.

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5 step guide to business credit scores

We share 5 simple steps to help make sure you make the most out of using credit scores and show how they can positively help you and your business. Credit Scores help you to avoid blind spots A slick website, great looking business premise or professional staff don’t always provide the best picture of how solid and secure a business is. Far better indicators are how well a business pays its suppliers, how effectively they manage cashflow and how sound leadership at all levels within the business is, however small or big.

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